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Date:2003-11-05 22:49
Subject:Where are you on the LJ Cluster Map?

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

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Date:2003-10-20 22:35
Subject:Back on the wagon...
Mood: optimistic

I've been off Atkins due to some complications I had from the "broad-spectrum" antibiotics I had for my triple-illness.

I knew they'd be rough on me, but I really wasn't prepared for the extent of the damage to my innards.

All symptoms are now gone, so I'm getting ready to start back on the plan (Wednesday, I need time to get ready or I get all muddled).

I know this works, I know I can do this and I know I feel better doing it.

If anyone wants an Induction buddy, shout out!

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Date:2003-08-06 13:05
Mood: accomplished

I'm going to a work conference this weekend (where they have promised to feed me correctly as they're posh) and so I picked up my layby (layaway)early.

What's in it?

Size 20 clothes, I started Atkins as a size 26.

I thought I'd try them on and see how much I could wear to the conference (I fitted the pants when I tried em on, but thought they were a little too tight, I like loose).

The pants not only fit well, they're a bit loose!

And all the tops I bought fit great too!


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Date:2003-06-19 13:54
Subject:*hehe* they know I play Civilization

memejack...Collapse )

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Date:2003-06-02 13:25
Subject:so behind in putting all my stuff online...

I've lost 3% of my bodyfat *yay*

I haven't lost a lot of weight, but I have definately lost inches.

I'm not measuring (because I'm crap at measuring things that aren't square) in the regular sense, but when my boyfriend hugs me from behind, he can now overlap his hands, when before they barely reached!

When I get around to updating all my details, I'll backdate them all so they won't show on the friends page.

I'll make a post here when I have added stuff.

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Date:2003-05-30 09:51
Mood: determined

Early Morning
1. L-Glutamine 1000mg (empty stomach, min one per day)
2. L-Carnitine 500mg (empty stomach, min one per day)
3. Flaxseed Oil 1000mg (min one per day)

After Breakfast
4. Women's Ultra Mega (after food, first of two)

5. After Lunch
Women's Ultra Mega (after food, second of two)

Before Exercise
L-Carnitine 500mg (empty stomach, min one per day)

After Exercise
L-Glutamine 1000mg (empty stomach, min one per day)

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Date:2003-05-20 22:47
Subject:Tuesday's Menu

leftover chicken salad (mayo, BBQ chicken, red & green capsicum) approx (3)

150g Tomato & Basil Greenseas Tuna (5)

2 steak (0) pinwheels made with
garden herb cream cheese (2)
and bacon (1)

2 x striker (1)
2 x cheesestick (2)
1 x triangle (1)
pork rinds (0)
olive dip (0.2)
1 x Waterplus (0)
2 x Max's WPI shake (0.2)


I need to work out a better way of noting all this down... I have bits and pieces everywhere (hence lack of posts). I think it's time for some low-tech pen & paper :op
and Max's shakes are awesome!

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Date:2003-05-03 22:31
Subject:Dinner was good

No idea on exactly what the carbs would be, but I had a few to play with.

I had some pork as an entree, which had a slightly sweeter sauce than I would have liked, but I pretty much didn't eat the sauce.

I had scallops and snow peas, yum!

and Pepsi Max (weren't many drink choices)

8 carbs

Edit: After reading someone else's count, I think this is too high, but basically, I wasn't over for the day.
I also had some pork rinds and dip later, less than .1 carbs.

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Date:2003-05-03 17:58
Mood: optimistic

Had a biiiig sleep in, so technically, no breakfast.

But for brunch, I had:

3 eggs (1.8)
250 grams bacon (4.5)
1 glass of Diet Coke (0)

I'm letting myself have aspartame and caffiene, but am keeping them to a minimum.

Snacks for the day:

1 x 710ml Peach Waterplus (0.1)
half an avocado (2.4)
2 teaspoons of Iain Hewitson's Garlicky French Salad Dressing (0.9)
Hans peperoni Hot Rocket salami stick (0.5)

Total carbs so far:

Dinner tonight is at a chinese restaurant, so I'm saving the rest for that.

Vitamins n stuff for the day:
Waterplus contents
1 x 8 hour release multi-vitamin/mineral (Blackmores, safe from recent vitamin problems in Oz)
1 x Evening Primrose/Fish Oil 500mg Omega 6 and 500mg Omega 3 fatty acids (Blackmores)
4 x Herron (safe) OsteoEze Active (for my arthritis) containing 375mg Glucosamine hydrochloride and 300mg Chondroitin sulfate

Edit: oops, forgot the stats
metric 129.8/129.8/85
imperial 286.16/286.16/187.39
52% body fat

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Date:2003-05-02 13:19
Subject:last post repeat... Induction Day 1 tomorrow!

After attending blood tests yesterday, I was asked did I fast prior to the test, and I said no, as I was not advised to.

So, tests were today, after fasting.

funny part: nice blood-stealing lady told me to eat some eggs afterwards, not orange juice *hehe*

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Date:2003-05-01 09:47
Subject:Slight delay

Today was supposed to be Induction Day 1 for me...

but I wanted to have blood tests done prior, as I want to be able to do the in-your-face! with some scientific evidence to any whiny people telling me it's unhealthy.

The earlier appointment I could get was for today... as I need to get tests done during my lunch hour, and not many places around here even *do* blood tests.

So tomorrow is Day 1!

I requested the following tests:

Cholesterol lipid profile test, including:
* total cholesterol
* lipoprotein(a)
* homocysteine
* Hs.C-Reactive Protein
* triglycerides.

and if possible:

* 5 hour glucose tolerance test (gtt)
* DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) level

I was advised the 5 hour glucose tolerance test isn't needed if my results from the other tests are normal, so I'm not getting that done at this stage. *If* I need to do it later, I'll just have to get carby for a moment, get tested and go back on Induction.

It's also a hell of a lot cheaper than I expected *yay* just the cost of a doctor's visit. If any Melbourne folks would like the name of the place, let me know.

Tomorrow morning is weigh in day *eep* I've never been in the habit of weighing myself, and I'm thinking it's also going to weird seeing my weight in pounds as well.

There's a pro and con for pounds. The pro is that you lose pounds faster than kilos, the con is that there are more pounds than kilos *L*

I should probably measure as well, but I'm crap at measuring things that aren't furniture. I can't measure myself with a retracting metal measuring tape :op

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Date:2003-04-20 16:16
Subject:Tanita Body Fat Monitor
Mood: optimistic

I got one of these on sale! *yay*

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Date:2003-04-09 22:19
Subject:Low carb here I come!

It's April 9 today, and my Atkins start day is May 1st.

Last time I started this diet, I was very unprepared, and had trouble sticking with it, not from cravings or anything, but pure confusion. I'm also on a higher wage than I was before, which is going to make this diet a *lot* easier.

I started it with a friend, and we got most of our information off the internet. We got lots wrong (well, we listened to people who were wrong), I hadn't read the book...

I didn't even know there *was* a book! I hadn't heard of Dr Atkins, even though I knew it was called the Atkins Diet.

I ate nuts during Induction, I drank regular instant coffee, I drank regular diet softdrink (Splenda drinks are rare in Australia) with Aspartime in it. I ate a lot of bad vegetables... as I didn't know how to find carb counts for veggies.

I ate lots of good stuff too, but I'm curious to see whether I'll do better this time around, with better food.

I'm about to put in an order for SF syrups (yep, from an Aussie supplier) and I'm trying to find a place that has a Tanita Body Fat Monitor in stock, as I have big bones, and I don't want to rely just on weight alone, and I have no faith in my ability to measure myself. I can't measure anything organic :op

I already have an ice cream maker, a George Foreman grill and a crockpot, which all seem to be handy low carb tools (not to mention great kitchen tools!)

This coming weekend I am going on a carb-audit, of my local Safeway, to discover (and catalogue) the good stuff!

I shall post my findings here, and in atkinsaustralia

I won't post my stats and stuff until May 1st, so they're accurate.

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